The hottest paint powers march into China

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Coating "powers" advance into China

coating "powers" advance into China

December 20, 2002

since this year, all the world's top ten coating brands have settled in China, forming a strong impact on the domestic coating industry. Facing this challenge, how tens of thousands of Chinese coating enterprises should deal with it has become the focus of the industry

according to the analysis of relevant experts, China's coating industry must take the road of "merger and reorganization" in order to overcome the tight encirclement

in the eyes of many Chinese people, it seems that they only have a little impression of the foreign brand "Nippon", and they don't know other brands at all. But everything is changing unexpectedly in silence. The heads of state of the United States and Mongolia jointly signed and issued the joint declaration of the people's Republic of China and Mongolia on the establishment and development of a comprehensive strategic partnership. Rohmingt said that "the chemical fiber industry is no longer only used in traditional textiles and clothing". British "Dulux", Dutch "levy" and German "BASF" also came...

they camped in succession, ready to make some "oil and water" from China. Perhaps we are still very strange to these "strange" brands, but their technical level, company strength and marketing experience in international markets really make people sweat

it is understood that the market share of international coating enterprises in China has reached about 45%, and mainly accounts for high

mid-range markets. Data often shows that by 2005, the world's coating demand will increase by 3.7%, and China's growth rate is almost twice that of it. Take the paint market for the construction of Olympic venues for example, there is an attractive "cake" of up to 28billion yuan,

which is mainly high-end products. This great opportunity has once again been caught by foreigners

at present, ICI and Nippon products alone account for nearly 1/3 of China's paint market share. In the field of medium and high-end products,

, these two companies control "half of the country" and form an iron wall surrounding many "stragglers" in China. According to statistics, the annual output of the top ten paint companies in the United States accounts for more than 70% of the national total; The annual output of the world's top 10 coating enterprises accounts for 1/3 of the world's total output, and the market share accounts for more than 8% of the printing volume of engineering grade materials printed by all professional/industrial polymer 3D printers, with a rate of 60%. How can our "millet plus rifle" compete with the "strong ships and sharp guns" of the great powers

in China, there are only a few famous brand paints that really make a name for themselves, and the probability of controlling the market is almost zero. When it is urgent, many "guerrillas" must unite to form a regular army, "unite the weak to attack the strong outside"

believes that the strategic reorganization and merger of coating enterprises is a move that must be taken quickly. It is reported that listed coating enterprises such as Tianjin lighthouse and Chongqing Three Gorges have "risen up", taking the lead in acquisition, global merger and business restructuring, which is indeed impressive

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